The Adventia Simulator Center

I'm pleased to share this information from Adventia European College of Aeronautics. Adventia was one of the first large European schools to help and encourage the project carried by Aviation Training Guide

The Adventia flight school has in its facilities the largest aeronautical school simulation center in Spain. It has 11 certifications and 8 training devices perfectly suited to the needs of quality education and made up of high-performance aeronautical equipment.

Its simulator center adds two new state-of-the-art units that allow the incorporation of five new certifications into the practical training of future commercial aviation pilots.

Thanks to these simulators called ADV1000-PBN and ADV320-MCC, students will be able to train in all phases of flight in missions developed in a very realistic environment, with a level of complexity identical to that of a real jet flight. in the most used aircraft. by airlines, the Airbus A320.

Adventia thus becomes the School (ATPL ATO) with the largest Simulation Center in Southern Europe.


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