CTC announces CTC Wings Takeoff and CTC Wings International Pilot Programme

Since its launch two years ago, CTC’s modular training programme – CTC Takeoff - really has taken off!  As a result, the training provider chosen by leading airlines around the world to train and provide their pilots has made a decision to bring the courses under the ‘CTC Wings’ umbrella as ‘CTC Wings Takeoff’.  As part of the same streamlining exercise and to reflect CTC’s rapid international growth, CTC Wings iCP will be renamed ‘CTC Wings IPP’ - International Pilot Programme.

Lee Woodward, CTC’s Director of Business Development said “We are absolutely committed to maintaining the highest airline standards throughout every aspect of ‘CTC Wings’.  Streamlining the routes in this way supports our global growth plans enabling applicants from around the world to benefit from our high quality training and airline placement opportunities.  Aspiring pilots will be fully prepared for their chosen flying environment through whichever ‘CTC Wings’ route they take and our Partner Airlines can be assured that a pilot with a full ‘CTC Wings’ training record will have been assessed and trained to our exacting airline standards.  We are at a very exciting stage of our growth here at CTC and ‘CTC Wings’ is an extremely important aspect of our global activity.  As more international airlines are selecting CTC as their training provider of choice, we wanted to ensure we were delivering the very best opportunities for all.  We will continue to work with our Partner Airlines to innovate and develop the very best opportunities for aspiring pilots around the world.”

‘CTC Wings’ has four defined entry routes –

1. CTC Wings Cadet – a rigorous assessment process selects individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in the EEA for full time, integrated ATPL or MPL training.  Training is part sponsored and the route is designed to include placement with one of CTC’s growing list of Partner Airlines. 

2. CTC Wings IPP – (formerly CTC Wings iCP). CTC’s full time, integrated route tailored for international applicants who complete CTC’s renowned assessment process.   On achieving MECPL/IR, pilots are put forward for placement with one of CTC’s Partner Airlines.

3. CTC Wings Takeoff – (formerly CTC Takeoff). The flexible, route designed for individuals who are unable to commit to a full time, integrated course.  Aspiring pilots from around the world will have their skills assessed and CTC will develop a training programme that recognises previous flying experience (including licence conversions).  On completion of MECPL/IR, eligible fATPL holders will be able to continue training and be considered for airline placement through ‘CTC Wings ATP’.

4. CTC Wings ATP – CTC’s advanced cadet route for MECPL/IR and fATPL holders. Applicants may have completed their training to date with CTC or another flight training provider.  They will be required to complete selection to ‘CTC Wings’’ high standards, part of which process is completion of CTC’s world-leading Airline Qualification Course (AQC) incorporating the Multi-Crew Co-operation certificate. Successful pilots are then placed on the ‘CTC Wings ATP’ database for consideration for airline placement.

‘CTC Wings’ has also been chosen as the template for bespoke cadet entry programmes by a number of CTC’s Partner Airlines around the world.  Examples include the British Airways Future Pilot Programme (BAFPP), the Jetstar abinitio and advanced cadet (ACP) programmes, the Dragonair Cadet programme and the recently announced CTC-easyJet MPL cadet programme.  Furthermore, several of the ‘CTC Wings’ Partner Airlines have adopted the Wings brand in the naming of their cadet intake programmes including ‘Monarch Wings’, ‘Flybe Wings’ and ‘Qatar Wings’.  

CTC has also announced that the ‘CTC Wings’ integrated programme has been accredited by Middlesex University as part of their BSc (Hons) Degree.  This innovative new degree will be achieved through completing the ‘CTC Wings’ integrated programme combined with operational flying as a First Officer with one of CTC’s growing list of Partner Airlines.
Trainees will be eligible to apply for loans for both tuition fees and maintenance from the Student Loan Company in the same way as other university students.  This is a significant benefit for a trainee self-funding their professional airline pilot training.


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