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Address: Mauretania Rd, Southampton, Hampshire SO16, Royaume-Uni
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.ctcaviation.com/
Email: pilot.careers@ctcaviaton.com
Phone: +44(0) 23 80 737 567

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Founded 25 years ago, CTC Aviation is driven by a passion to deliver innovative airline pilot training and resourcing solutions in partnership with our customers. Our latest generation training centres and resources are strategically positioned at attractive, well-connected, convenient locations in the UK, USA and NZ. Our services cover the full spectrum of requirements from ab initio trainee pilot selection, training and airline placement, to the more advanced selection, training and provisioning requirements for experienced pilots, instructors and examiners.

For the aspiring airline pilot we offer various routes to one of the most desirable careers on earth. Our CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes have been chosen by many of the world’s leading airlines as their preferred route for new entrant pilots. In addition to our world – renowned CTC WINGS Integrated ATPL Route, CTC WINGS offers both ATPL and MPL Routes that are tailored specifically to suit specific airline needs, cultures and operating procedures.

We bring the profession of an airline pilot into closer reach to aspiring pilots; our Training Sponsorship through CTC WINGS is a unique value–add enhancement to all of our airline pilot career programmes. It comprises simple and innovative finance solutions, unique Performance Protection and a dedicated graduate placement service with our Airline Partners. Our dedicated placement service has seen 98% of our CTC WINGS graduates gain airline pilot employment with our growing number of Airline Partners including British Airways, easyJet, Flybe, Thomas Cook and Ryanair.

CTC Aviation is a full service Approved Training Organisation (ATO – FTO and TRTO) utilised by both airlines and individuals around the world. Seven Crew Training Centres in the UK, NZ and USA train approximately 3,000 pilots annually for 50 airlines around the world. Our flagship CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes enjoy an unrivalled graduate placement record and those completing our full time, CTC TAKEOFF Integrated CPL/IR Route to CTC Aviation airline standards, are also eligible to be considered for placement opportunities with our Airline Partners. CTC TAKEOFF also offers a comprehensive range of modular professional pilot training courses for those unable to commit to a full time training programme and training can be completed at Southampton, Bournemouth, Coventry (UK), Hamilton (NZ) or Phoenix (US). Our CTC TAKEOFF modular graduates may also be eligible for CTC Aviation Airline Partner placement opportunities.

Training Courses

CTC TAKEOFF offers a full time integrated CPL with MEIR professional pilot training course as well as a range of modular training options from our Crew Training Centres in the UK and USA. For trainee pilots following the modular training route we now offer the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge (TK) module through our CTC TAKEOFF programme with the choice to complete ATPL TK training as a standalone module at any one of CTC Aviation’s three Crew Training Centres equipped specifically for this purpose – Coventry (formally ProPilot) and Southampton in the United Kingdom, or Hamilton in New Zealand. 
Those meeting airline standards through their training and completing the CTC Aviation and our Airline Partner selection processes may then be eligible for placement with one of our Airline Partners.

Airline Pilot Career Programmes

Our CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes are characterised by unique ‘value add’ sponsorship and Airline Partner enhancements. These airline focussed career programmes – whether ATPL or MPL – aim to take you directly to the role of First Officer with one of our growing number of Airline Partners. CTC Aviation’s dedicated graduate placement team facilitates opportunities with our Airline Partners and has secured placement for 98% of our CTC WINGS graduates.

Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training

Airplane Main Courses

Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
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School Equipement

Fleet Aircraft
Our new generation training fleet of 57 aircraft is one of the youngest in the industry and is located across our 3 flight training locations; Bournemouth, UK; Hamilton, NZ and Phoenix, USA.
Diamond DA42 – 17 aircraft
Diamond DA40 – 9 aircraft
Diamond DA20 – 14 aircraft
Cessna C172 – 16 aircraft
Slingsby T67 – 1 aircraft

Our aircraft fleet is complemented by high fidelity, full flight and fixed base simulators which are located at our Crew Training Centres in Southampton, UK; London Gatwick, UK; Hamilton, NZ and Phoenix, USA.

No. in fleet
A320 VFD (Virtual Flight Deck) 4
DA42 FNPTII (2 NZ, 3 UK, 1 USA) 6
Airbus A320-200 Full Flight Simulators, Level D 4
Airbus A320-200 Full Flight Simulator, Level CG 1
Boeing B737-800 (W) Full Flight Simulator, Level D 2
Boeing B737-700 Fixed Base,
Boeing B737-300 Fixed Base,


Type ratings