CTC Aviation - Phoenix

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Address: 1658 S. Litchfield Road Bldg 104, Suite 2 Goodyear Arizona, 85338
Country: USA (Arizona)
Website: http://www.ctcaviation.com
Email: pilot.careers@ctcaviation.com
Phone: +1 (464) 566 5651

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In 2014 CTC Aviation announced a US$7 million investment into a new crew training centre at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona with a capacity to train up to 200 new pilots per annum.

The Phoenix centre now provides additional capacity to complement our centres in NZ and the UK to train customers from both Europe and Asia.

The centre is based at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona. The team and trainee pilots work alongside students of the Airline Training Centre of Arizona (ATCA) with whom CTC Aviation work as part of a Training Alliance.

The airfield is located to the West of the Phoenix Metropolis which allows access to an excellent flight training area and plentiful satellite training airfields

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Airplane Pilot Training

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Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
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