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Address: Wycombe Air Park, Marlow, SL7 3DP
Country: United Kingdom
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The Approved Training Organisation Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training offer ground and distance learning courses for safer pilots. The FAA licence gets you part of the way round the world - and the JAA licence takes you the rest of the way (with a law exam here and there!), especially as the OGP companies have stated that they require JAA standards for their helicopter operations. It is now more important than ever to gain your JAA licence for complete mobility.
We specialise in providing the modular ground study courses required to convert your ICAO professional helicopter (and aeroplane) licences over to the JAA equivalents. We are the only school approved to provide the full range of helicopter courses by distance learning. Our helicopter courses are NOT interim courses, as offered by many other schools, after which you will be taking aeroplane examinations! Our helicopter students take helicopter examinations and answer helicopter questions!

If you use our distance learning courses, your licence conversion will be quick and efficient as our notes and progress tests have been designed to train you for the exams as painlessly as possible while you are still employed, particularly in the off season. For example, our progress tests are online and can be done anywhere there is an internet connection (they are also on the DVD supplied with the course). There is no need to waste valuable working time in a classroom, except for the minimum 10% of study time that must be done as a consolidation class which, at present, can be done in the UK (including Scotland) or at Bristow Academy in Florida (extra costs involved). To keep the overall costs of your training low (and your carbon footprint!), we can also do the classroom work with videoconferencing, which will be especially useful for non-EU nationals who require a visa. This means that you save on accommodation and travel fees!

For those who are not already professionals, your real training starts in your first job, and what you learn before then is often all there is between you and an accident, which is why our training goes that little bit beyond the basic syllabus. Chief Pilots know that it's not just hours that count, but attitude!

Aside from that, teaching 130% of the material required gives you a better chance of gaining 100% in the exams (we think that if you teach only 100%, the average mark is more likely to be 70-80%). Another consideration that many pilots forget is that, if you do the minimum work for your exams, for example, by learning the answers rather than the material, it will be painfully obvious to the interview panel when you finally go for a job. It's no greater effort to learn the material properly in the first place, especially if you intend to get more than one licence through your career (you'll be in and out of the exam room real quick!).
CAPT offers the following distance learning courses, JAR/FCL 2 certificate: ATPL (H), CPL (H), IR (H),
MEP (H) - Class Rating for Single Pilot, First Multi-engine Pre-entry Conversion, CRM ? Single Pilot Safety Awareness.

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