424 Aviation

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Address: 13230 SW 132 Ave, Ste. 20, Miami, Florida 33186
Country: USA (Florida)
Website: http://www.424aviation.com/
Email: fli@424aviation.com
Phone: +1 (786) 242-4848


424 Aviation pilot school is approved by the FAA to provide pilot training in Miami, Florida. The mission statement of 424 Aviation pilot training is to create and preserve a warm and friendly atmosphere, conductive to meaningful learning with an emphasis on safe operations.
This pilot school is a Cessna Pilot Center
Programs offered:
- Private Pilot license (FAA) from 424 Aviation opens destinations throughout the Southeastern US, The Bahamas and the Caribbean for business, pleasure sport, and family activities on a day trip basis.
- Sport Pilot License in the brand new Cessna Skycatcher Model 162. The Sport Pilot License is only a few weeks from enrollment to certification.
- instrument rating delivers all of the benefits of the private pilot license with the added safety and convenience of being constantly under the watchful eyes of air traffic control.
- Commercial rating course will allow you to begin your career in aviation by working for compensation.
- MEP Multi Engine Course prepare you to safely and confidently captain heavier, more complex, multi engine aircraft.
- Jet transition course with his Ground Training and High Altitude Endorsement Ground Training

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