Helicopter Services open new base as London Elstree Aerodrome

Once you have completed the PPL(H) course the fun doesn't just stop there.... in fact it's only the beginning!

Having completed the PPL(H), we suggest you take a few hours to self-fly hire and consolidate your training, perhaps by exploring the UK by flying to some of the hundreds of airfields across Britain and the UK.

This done, what next?

Now that you have your licence, you can take friends and family and show them the splendid views from the air and share the exhilaration of helicopter flight. And give them some idea of what you've been going through on your course!

Helicopters can fly through London on special routes, which takes skill, precision and sound radio proficiency. Let our instructors show you how it's done.

Moving Up
After several hours you can take a type conversion course onto the four-seat version of the R22 - the Robinson R44, which is a natural progressive step. The conversion is a five-hour course including a flight test by an authorised examiner. Our instructors and staff will be pleased to advise on other types of piston and turbine conversions available to suit your requirements.

Instrument Flying
Your PPL(H) syllabus includes five hours of basic simulated instrument flying, to prepare you for inadvertent flight in poor visibility or cloud. Please contact us for more information on the current JAA regulations/requirements.

Night Flying
The pre-requirements are to have completed at least 100 hours of flight time after issue of the PPL(H), including 60 hours Pilot in Command and 20 hours cross-country flight. The night rating course is 5 hours ground school and 5 hours flying, including 3 hours duel and 5 solo night circuits. Each circuit is to include a take-off and landing. The course has to be completed in 6 months.

Currency - In order to keep your licence current, you will need to fly two hours per year including a proficiency check with an Examiner.

Advanced Flying Programme

We have newly introduced our "Advanced Flying Programme" in order for our licence holders to further their flying.

Courses and events include:

    Mountain Flying in North Wales - two-day weekend event.
    Bad weather awareness and implications course.
    Le Touquet Channel crossing.
    Fly-away to Isle of Wight.
    Fly-away to Compton Abbas.
    Fly-away to Culdrose - visit military helicopters in their environment.
    Navigation competition for members and their friends
    Tactical nap of the earth flying in simulated combat situations.
    Southern Ireland trip (weekend).
    Isle of Skye (weekend).
    Flight to centre of Paris (Issy) - two day weekend event
    Heli-route across London training.


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