Elifriulia overview

The first journey that you will do with us… is with your feet on the ground!

Since 1990 the main base of Elifriulia is in Ronchi dei Legionari, precisely in the Luigi Coloatto P.tta in honor of the founder of the company.

The offices are over 20 years old but it doesn’t seem so!

The structure is organised into two floors.

On the ground floor are the office dedicated to flight school, FTO-025.

In this office flight instructors of helicopter and airplane collaborate to organize courses, support students, create and update manuals, organize theoretical classes for the obtainment of licenses that Elifriulia offers:

    Private Pilot Licence (Airplane)/(Helicopter)
    Instrumental Rating (A)/(H)
    Flight Instructor (H)
    Commercial Pilot Licence (H)

Within the office there is a classroom used for briefing: a space where the student, with the instructor support, learns the procedures to be carried out before the flight and receives feedback after the flight.

For students with more  experience the space is available with a computer to organize the flight plan, check the weather forecast, decide the departure time, arrival time, etc.

The office next to the flight school is the maintenance dept. of Adria Air Service, administered by the directors of Elifriulia, that completely manages the company’s helicopter fleet and private customers’ helicopters. Periodic and extraordinary maintenance of aircraft are organized by this Department.

Also on the ground floor, next to the technical Office, the Meeting room, where the most important business decisions are discussed by “big heads”:

    technical manager
    operational manager
    commercial manager
    marketing manager
    FTO manager
    quality manager
    CAMO, (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization)
    President & Vice President

At least twice a week the room is used for theory lessons needed for the school.


On the first floor, is the Administrative Office: Department that manages finance and personnel (technicians, drivers, employees etc.).

The office next door to the one where the company is handled could only be the Presidency’s Office, used from 1990 to 1993 by Luigi Coloatto, from 1993 to 2007 by his son Marco Coloatto and from 2007 onwards by Annamaria Coloatto, daughter of the founder and Marco’s sister.

Could not miss the Quality and technical department, which manages the helicopters and planes and handles the quality system “Company Wide” for both Elifriulia and Adria Air Service.

Last, but not least, the sales and marketing office.

Deals with the planning of the presence of Elifriulia in the national and international panorama, of all corporate actions related to the market for the placement of the services that the organization offers.


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