CTC Aviation announces world’s first sponsored Flight Instructor Higher Apprenticeship

Media Release:  15 August 2014

CTC Aviation announces world’s first fully sponsored Flight Instructor Higher Apprenticeship

CTC Aviation – an innovator in the world of airline pilot training - has announced the opening of the world’s first fully sponsored Flight Instructor Higher Apprenticeship in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (HAPAPP).  Supported by the UK Government and UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the programme incorporates the BSc Honours degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice which CTC Aviation delivers in partnership with Middlesex University.

Successful applicants will be sponsored by CTC Aviation to become multi-engine Instrument Rating and Class Rating Instructors (IRI and CRI), receiving a salary from the commencement of training.  They will join CTC Aviation’s team of highly qualified instructors responsible for delivering flight training for the company’s world renowned CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes as well as the company’s flexible pilot training programme, CTC TAKEOFF.

CTC Aviation’s Chief Operating Officer – Ab initio Training (Europe), Martin Hunt said “Our innovative Higher Apprenticeship provides a focused career development programme that has been designed specifically to fine tune the relevant skills required to support our training philosophy. We have high standards through selection for our trainee pilot applicants and we are extremely focussed on delivering the same exacting training standards that our Partner airlines adopt within their own operation.  This ‘vertically integrated’, airline focussed approach means that our instructors need to have a special mix of skills.  .
“We’re looking for someone who aspires to become the best in the industry.  Those with the motivation to teach and inspire and who are committed to excellence, will be rewarded with the very best of career opportunities which aims to lead from professional instruction through to the right hand seat of an airliner.”

The Apprenticeship includes three years as an employed Flight Instructor at CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centre - Bournemouth.  A visit to CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centre in Hamilton, New Zealand is planned as part of the programme and apprentices will benefit from attending CTC Aviation’s airline standard Type Rating Instructor Core course and the company’s industry leading Airline Qualification Course (which incorporates the Multi crew Co-operation Certificate – MCC) in the process.

Simon Witts, CEO of the Aviation Skills Partnership, the leading force behind the Higher Apprenticeship and BSc (Hons) degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice, said “I congratulate CTC Aviation for being the first organisation to recognise the significance of this new Higher Apprenticeship.  I am very proud to see it come to fruition and pay tribute to the many people who have worked to create it.”

At the end of the Apprenticeship period, Instructors may choose to continue working for CTC Aviation as part of the company’s dedicated instructor team with potential relocation opportunities to CTC Aviation’s Crew Training Centres in New Zealand, or the United States.  Alternatively, for those with aspirations to join the airlines, CTC Aviation’s Graduate Placement Team will aim to facilitate employment as a First Officer with one of the company’s Partner airlines.


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